Your First Podiatry Appointment

We believe that continuity of care is important in getting to know you and your feet. You will therefore have a nominated Podiatrist who will take charge of your treatment. Although, you may see either of us from time to time, so that we can get to know, and keep up to date with you.


Some patients come to the surgery and tell us that they are really embarrassed about their feet. Well, please let us put your mind at rest, we can promise you there is nothing that come out of a pair of shoes or socks that we either haven’t seen in real life, or we can find a picture of it in one of our reference books. We all love a challenge and to be honest….the more gruesome….the better!!

So, now we have put your mind at rest about that….what happens next?

We will take your full personal details and details of your medical history and if you are seeing your GP for anything, we also need to know about your medication – both prescribed and over the counter remedies.

We are not being ‘nosey’ we just need to make sure that we are providing the most appropriate treatment for your needs. After all, as the song goes, the toe bone is connected to the foot bone; the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone and so on. We do not look at your foot in isolation; we look at you and your body as a whole. We then start looking at your feet and start to sort out the problems that you have. So come along, don’t be shy!